Jeppe Hein, 1974 in Dänemark geboren, zählt zu den wichtigsten Vertretern zeitgenössischer Kunst. Der spielerische Umgang mit skulpturalen Formen im Zusammenhang mit organischen wie vergänglichen Stoffen oder urbanen, unkaputtbaren Materialien lassen eine neue lebendige Perspektive zwischen Objekt und Betrachter zu. Scheinbar simplen Objekten oder Installationen steht stets die Frage des Betrachters nach seinem Standpunkt oder seine Sicht auf die ihn umgebenden Dinge gegenüber – dies wird nicht zuletzt z.B. mit der Materialität des “Spiegels” und dem Umgang mit diesem im skulpturalen Werk Jeppe Heins deutlich.

“My approach to a public project, and the reconfiguration of a public space, focuses on the attempt to integrate art into everyday life, by embedding it into the area. The relationship between artwork, architecture, and the private and public space is my key concern. A structure of association between space, object and observer should be created. Consequently, my public projects are mostly site-specific, referring to the urban development and architecture. They are influenced by the context of the area, its ambience and environment as well as its inhabitants. The open character of public spaces offers the opportunity to work in a very conceptual way. Without any institutional restrictions, the conditions of nature, space, the public and the surroundings can be reflected then translated into an artistic idea.

My work explores the situation between the viewer, the artwork and the environment, challenging the role of art in different environments and social contexts – in the museum as well as the public space. Interaction is a distinctive element of my artwork, thus the viewer plays a vital role. My installations offer the viewer the possibility of participation in the action of a piece, or of being confronted with the surprise of the unexpected.

For me, the concept of sculpture is closely linked with communication. Rather than passive perception and theoretical reflection, the visitor’s direct and physical experiences are more important to me. Thus, I understand sculpture as a system of reference between space and viewer, with a capacity to communicate the process of ‘movement’, by which I attempt to break traditional attitudes and expectations of art. This is particularly relevant at a time when places for communication – such as free, creative spaces and areas designed to enable interaction and communication, involving people in a dialogue with the surroundings and others – are absent from most contemporary cities.”

Seit Frühling 2012 ist Rebekka Csizmazia als freie Mitarbeiterin im Bereich Research für das Studio Jeppe Hein tätig.

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