A Smile for You! HAPPINESS research – be part of an exhibition project of JEPPE HEIN

Currently I’m doing HAPPINESS-Research for Studio JEPPE HEIN in Berlin.
Feel free to leave a reply to the following questions of this letter @facebook or rebekka@jeppehein.net.
Dear reader,
My name is Jeppe Hein and I’m a Danish artist based in Berlin / Germany. Currently I’m doing a happiness-research and I’m working a lot with this theme in a practical and theoretical way. While looking into the subject I decided that the topic for my upcoming show at Bonniers Konsthall, Stockholm and Wanås Konst / Sweden should be all about happiness.
For this show in Sweden, called “A smile for You”, I would like to collect various definitions of happiness – like an evaluation. I want to know what other people of different countries, cultures and ages think about it. For this specific part of my research I would appreciate, if you could respond to my questions below and return your answers either by email, fax or post (see signature on the next page):
What is HAPPINESS to you?

                  How does it smell?

                  How does it taste?

                  How does it sound? 

                  How does it look like?


I look forward to receiving your thoughts on HAPPINESS and thank you in advance for your efforts and support!

All the best,

Jeppe Hein



Studio Jeppe Hein

Attn. Rebekka Csizmazia

Dessauer Straße 6-7

10963 Berlin


Fax:+ 49.30.616519179

Email: rebekka@jeppehein.net

If you would like to know more about Jeppe Hein and his work, please visit: www.jeppehein.net.



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